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4 Ways To Re-Invent Your Life

4 Ways To Re-Invent Your Life

Girl I totally feel you.

 Have the new year resolutions gone well and truly down the drain? Or maybe life in general has just gotten on top of you?

 Before you know it you ain’t slaying your face, your clothes are forming a bigger and bigger pile on the floor as each day passes and organisation is a thing of the past. It’s so easy to let the usual boring day to day tasks drain your passion and excitement for what drives you in life, but instead of letting you get all head over heels, iron out them creases and fix your hair coz girl we’re going to sort out your shit!

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 Okay, so it won’t be major changes. I’m not saying change you coz girl you are rocking you, but sometimes rejigging some tasks you do on the daily can dramatically change how you keep doing you. Mental well being and your happiness is our number one factor here gal, and here’s some simple steps towards you living life to the fullest.


  1. Wake Up Bitch


  There is absolutely nothing more draining in the world than pressing the snooze button five times then getting ready in ten minutes, only managing concealer, and then going about your day completely fucked off and overwhelmed. Girl, I do it five times a week, and it is not a good vibe. Although my alarm is actually screaming at me to wake up, the siren calls from my bed are way louder. But bitch, this ain’t how a gal slays.

 Break your habit of the snooze alarm and wake up on the first. Mornings really determine your mood and outcome for the day, so a well relaxed and organised morning sets you up for a successful day. Use your new found time to have a healthy balanced breakfast, pick something out to wear that you feel super confident in and spend time on a hair and makeup look you love. You won’t only look great, girl you will feel it too.

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  1. The 6 P’s


 ‘Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance’ and babe you gotta’ remember this phrase from now on. Something that I have lived by, the 6 little P’s are crucial to making sure that you are ready to deal with any situation. It’s a sin to leave things till the very last minute, even though it is so easily done. Whether it’s a chilled day in with boo, or an important day at work, preparing in advance means that everything will run more smoothly, and more importantly be a more enjoyable experience!

Spend some time today to work on your tomorrow!

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  1. List Your Shit


 It may seem like a simple approach but listing is like one of the ten commandments for a calm and positive lifestyle. You aren’t going to get shit done girl if you ain’t written them down in front of you. Listing means that you have to physically sit and face your tasks daily until you get them done, and this mental approach to your jobs means you’ll be less likely to pretend some jobs don't exist. Whether it’s using a dairy, the calendar on your phone or just jotting things down on a scrap of paper, get your shit down and get your shit done.

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  1. Sunday Rest- Day


 Read your bible bitch and say your prayers coz God has been repping the healthy lifestyle since day one. Allocate a Sunday (or any day that works best for you) to clear your schedule and spend time working on the most important thing here… you. Sort out your meals for the week, get your favourite clothing cleaned, ironed and ready to go,  catch up on your fave shows and meet up with that friend you haven’t seen in awhile. This is the day to repay yourself after a hard week slaying.

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Making sure to take that time to work on you is the crucial breaking point between falling apart or having your shit together.

You are the most important bitch in your life so put YOU first.

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