Ultimate Unicorn Lip Product?! We've got it.

Ultimate Unicorn Lip Product?! We've got it.
It’s common knowledge these days to know that in terms of makeup, a bit of gloss and 
mascara just doesn’t cut it anymore. The lashes are big, the highlight is glowing, the brows fleeky, and the lips… well, they’re a trend all on their own. From ombre to glitter, and even to marble, our kissers have been getting some major attention this last year, and girl, we got you covered for the next year too.

Queue the drum roll and let me introduce to you the all new Unicorn Gloss by yours truly,
the perfect way to pucker up and holo up to the stars. In four sexy ass shades that will even
have Kylie checking you out, you can bet your smackers will have everyone going
‘dammmn gurl’

Our shade of the moment is the Holo Galactic Enhancer’, which is the most versatile of the bunch. It’s like the Nutella of lip gloss, you can team this baby up with absolutely anything. Got a special event? Holo it up! A date? Holo it up! Job interview? Bitch, blind them with your lips and holo that shit up!

Now, I can hear you literally begging, how does this bad boy work?
Well, wearing it with the other HOLO glosses will enhance the colours furthers  and make your lips truly glimmer brighter than all y’all futures’, whereas if you fancy a more natural non look that isn't f*cking sticky, you can go for a
‘hella’ hot shimmer look by using it alone. Holo on top of a matte lip, holo on top of
a naked lip, girl holo on holo. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, so spread that
shit like peanut butter on ‘yo’ lips and pucker up!
We nearly died when @CCClarkebeauty did a featured lip tutorial with yours truly  'Holo Galactic Enhancer' and it wasn't sponsored. Check it out below.  



Hai gal, I’m Darcey Rose, a lil unicorn with a major obsession for everything glittery, fluffy or edible. At nineteen years old with plans on turning twenteen, I’m a Geordie fashion student with big dreams and goals of taking over the world! You’ll usually find me sketching or writing in my bed coz HUN is there seriously any other place better to be? When I grow up I want to be a Queen coz I’m already a princess, aiming to be a better version of myself and achieve everything I’ve ever wanted coz no one does you better than you boo.

Fave Quote ‘Always be you, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn’.



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