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Insta Sass Queens - Our Top Four!

Insta Sass Queens - Our Top Four!

Now girls, if the first thing you do when you wake up, and the last thing you check before you go back to sleep isn’t Insta, then y’all lyin’. Insta is life.

 It’s the home of the Kardashians, the adopted home of our beloved Vine stars (God bless their souls) and an amazing collection of all our sexy AF faces. We’re talking big ass bootys, pouts bigger than our futures and hell, a lotta drama. You probably even got the link for this post off Insta.

 But, is sometimes your feed left a little dry? Maybe you’re just a bit bored of the same faces? Needing a spring clean on your follows? Fancy some new instaration? (Pun fully intended). Well gals, as usual, I got yo’ back.
 Here’s a lil list of must follows. The ones you’ll never be able to resist clicking dat heart to, and who we’re absolutely loving at the moment.

Sass Queen 1- @busybee.carys


 This ultimate booty babe is sure to add some sparkle to your feed. Providing a variety of body goals, relationship goals, house goals and recently puppy goals (que excited squeals) (the puppy also has it’s own Insta) (it’s like, such a good girl) Carys is just a lil bundle of positivity, that focuses on spreading love and well, just living your life! Boasting over 560k followers, it’s no wonder that she’s a rising star, and 100% up there with our Sass Queens.

Sass Queen 2 - @iskra


Undeniably one of the most inspirational and beautiful women of the century so far, Iskra is breaking records and changing society. She is totally slaying, and this gal will fill your feed with posts full of zero fucks given, and lots of body positivity. She once posed in underwear scoffing her face with crisps in response to online trolls calling her fat. Now that’s a girl I like to follow.

Sass Queen 3 - @_nelly_london

Another girl set to spread a lotta’ lurv and a lotta’ body positivity on your Insta is Nelly. This beautiful gal is lingerie, fashion and blogging obsessed, guaranteed to fill your feeds with cute outfits and sexy tiger stripes. Her page is a no slut-shaming, no body-shaming,  no hate zone, and seriously babes, that is something that we need more of in this day and age.

Sass Queen 4 – @floralprixcess


Anastasia, known as ‘Floral Princess’ on most of her social media accounts, is a young but feisty lil’ chic. At only 17 years old, she has 353k followers on Insta, and it’s no wonder with her mega cute personality, and style to die for. Never miss out on a trend, makeup tip or go to look again with this gal in the know constantly on your feed.

 Who are your must follows on Insta? 

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