Top 5 Holiday Destinations For 2018

Top 5 Holiday Destinations For 2018
It is officially spring and with our highest temperature yet this week at 22 degrees (well if your down south) it means it’s time to get yo sexy ass into gear and get booking them hols. If you’re unorganised like me and didn’t book your summer holibobs as soon as you got back from your 2K17 adventures, then now is seriously crunch time. But what kind of holiday are you in to?

 Are you a cheap chick?
 An adventure queen?
 A party princess?
 City Explorer?
 Or A lady of luxury?

 Well, no matter what hol you’re into, we’ve got you sorted ( as usual ).
Cheap Chick
  Has your 2018 holiday got a rather small budget? Would you rather keep your wages for lashes (which is totally acceptable). Then babe, grab your fave gals and get yourself on a Ryanair to Benidorm. The place of dreams, here you can spend a week making the most of low priced cocktails and sky high temperatures. What else could you seriously want?
Adventure Queen
 Or maybe you prefer to go a bit Christopher Columbus on your holybobs? Fancy going and finding yourself on a cool Insta worthy holiday with nothing but a backpack and an appetite for chia seeds and brightly coloured yoghurt.  Then of course, your go to destination is Bali. With white beaches, bright blue oceans and coconuts to drink out of, your Insta will be on fire.
Party Princess
 None of these holidays taking your fancy? Maybe it’s because your idea of a perfect hol is sun, sea, and the sounds of a party. No where can offer you better than the party island Ibiza itself, with world class DJ’s, Ocean Beach for a day of instagraming on circle sunbeds with orange cups, and the best clubs in the entire world. Get ya glitter and festival braids out to play coz this hol is going to be a wild one.
City Explorer
 Or maybe you prefer to go a bit more Sarah Jessica Parker on your holidays? Well then darling your calling is New York City. Have breakfast in Tiffanys, a carriage ride in Central Park, finished off with some noodles in China Town. Treat yourself to a weekend break in a city of your dreams, may that be London, Paris or the Big Apple.
Lady Of Luxury
 All inclusive, super king memory foam bed, private balcony and unlimited food and drinks. Is the life of luxury your cup of tea? Need a mojito in one hand at all times? Then sass queen you have yourself some expensive taste and should find yourself in a place no other than the Maldives. With crystal blue water, even more Instagram worthy settings than Ibiza, and an endless supply of cocktails, you can enjoy your time away in ultimate style. Just be careful with your half a million pound earrings when splashing in the ocean!
Make sure to let us know which holiday you prefer!


Hai gal, I’m Darcey Rose, a lil unicorn with a major obsession for everything glittery, fluffy or edible. At nineteen years old with plans on turning twenteen, I’m a Geordie fashion student with big dreams and goals of taking over the world! You’ll usually find me sketching or writing in my bed coz HUN is there seriously any other place better to be? When I grow up I want to be a Queen coz I’m already a princess, aiming to be a better version of myself and achieve everything I’ve ever wanted coz no one does you better than you boo.

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