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Welcome to our first MUA feature, introducing the marvellous, creative and talented Summer Campbell or @sum.mue as you may know her as.

We love our UCPROFAM and we are SO excited to be able to share the love and make the beauty community something to be proud of by supporting our fav MUA’s.

Now let’s get to know our babe Summer with a few quick questions.

Where are you based?
We are basically neighbours! ;)

How many followers do you have?
1.2k on Insta, 245 on Twitter

Who is the most followed person who follows you on insta?
UC I think
Love ya Babes

What were you doing this time last year?
Playing Mini golf with my bf, not doing makeup!

What/Who keeps you motivated?
It sounds cheesy but my dreams and ambitions keep me motivated.

Tell us about your motivations.
My dreams and ambitons involve makeup! I'm currently working on building a bigger makeup kit. My dream is to become well known professional MUA, i'd love to do tv shows, films, photoshoots and runway work! 

What was your day to day life like this time last year?
My day to day life this time last year was extremely boring!

Where do you wanna be in 1 year?
In one years time I’d like to be a more experienced MUA, hopefully known and recognised by a few more people.

What was the last thing you searched for on your phone?
I searched for sims 4 cheats!

Show us the 33rd recent picture on your phone?
LOL its a snail!
SOOO random lol

Quick Fire round:
Fave lash is defo UC Lash in Vixen
Fave thing to bake is cheesecake!!
Fave item of clothing-anything oversized! Oh and my skinnydip bags 


Summer has created some AMAZING festival vibe looks for our mystery bundle set which includes 1 Lash, 1 Glitterskin & 1 Neon pigments which is live here so girl get creative this party season! #unicorncosmetics #Unicornlashes #UCfestivalbabe 

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Hai gal, I’m Darcey Rose, a lil unicorn with a major obsession for everything glittery, fluffy or edible. At nineteen years old with plans on turning twenteen, I’m a Geordie fashion student with big dreams and goals of taking over the world! You’ll usually find me sketching or writing in my bed coz HUN is there seriously any other place better to be? When I grow up I want to be a Queen coz I’m already a princess, aiming to be a better version of myself and achieve everything I’ve ever wanted coz no one does you better than you boo.

Fave Quote ‘Always be you, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn’.

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