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Tent. Packed.
Cute wellies. Packed.
Inflatable mattress (this babe ain’t sleeping on no floor). Packed.
First aid kit. Packed.
7 pairs of knickers (even though you’re only going for 2 days but you never know what may happen to your bowels in that period of time). Packed.
Makeup… oh shit.
 You might think you’re fully sorted to hit the fields, with your Doc Martens, body chains and glitter you’ve done your research, but then the dread dawns. What the hell do you do with the face???? Like come on girl, people are hella extra at festivals now. Gone are the days of not washing for 5 days, vibin the mud on your tee and wearing the same plaits the entire time. The game has changed, if you wanna dress like a unicorn you gotta have the face of one.
I mean, who wouldn’t like the excuse to wearing bright blue eyeshadow and glitter??? Well, that’s where we’ve got your back with our new neon pigments. Here’s three festival looks for three types of festival girls, one to suit your every mood!

Barbie Girl


Come on Barbie let’s go party… the night away! Who doesn’t love a good pink combo, the more shades the better. Channel a cutsie look by going for a full pink neon eye, using our neon pigment in shade ‘Power Surge’ teamed up with a fuschia lip and accessories to match. To edge it up a bit go for a leather look outfit with Doc Martens and you’ll be turning Kens’ head at Creamfields!



 So if Tomorrowland is more your vibe, and you’re going to be dressing hella’ mystical, then get your horn on and your wings fleeky. Create a winged look to match your magical outfit, in  the brightest colour you can find. We used our neon pigment in shade ‘Sonic’ for an exaggerated winged look. The bigger the wing the more fly you’ll look (bad pun I know but I couldn’t help myself, you know you liked it).



 Maybe Radio 1 Weekend in Ibiza is your go-to, then girl you gotta colour it up. Grab the most vibrant shades you can (we went for ‘Glitch’ and ‘Power Surge’) to produce a holiday worthy look for the sun. Finish it off by using our Glitterskin as a highlighter to get them cheeks glowing, and our Holo Gloss in ‘Galactic Enhancer’ to get your pout to match.
 Go wild babe, no ones going to stop you as long as the drinks are pouring and the music is playing. Glitter it up, colour it up, glow it up!
*All looks feature our ‘Majestic AF’ lashes
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